Monday, November 13, 2006

Day Late

Yesterday was busy, but I got my little post done -- tapped it out on the email machine in a brief pause early in the evening. A little story that made my point without my usual sledgehammer technique. Not a great point and not made particularly well, but a touch better than yesterday's.

In the past couple of years I've built a good jogging habit. Some days it hurts like hell but my legs are a lot stronger and I feel great. I carry my three year old daughter on my shoulders, which she loves. She'll jabber along happily and when she feels I'm not listening she'll lean down and poke her face in mine to be sure she has my attention. I didn't know good legs would help appreciate my little girl but I'm sure glad I can play cheerfully with her. The determination to keep that running habit going is kind of mental, but satisfying that Type A voice has its unexpected dividends so I try to keep it happy.

I check these little posts from time to time, just to see them stack up, day after day after day, and quietly celebrate the momentum. So late last night I checked on Impelled from the email/web machine -- nothing? I checked the email, and had an "undeliverable" message. Which makes sense, as there is no "".


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