Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Spartacus!

Careful readers of Impelled (if Impelled had any readers of any kind) would notice two changes. Obviously, new template! I needed a new template for something clever, which didn't work out, but I'm too lazy to change.

Second, our Wednesday post has been deleted and reposted as of today, 9 November. If our fearless leader won't have an 8 November post because of the not-machinations of the Man, Impelled won't have one either.

I was about to ramble on about the social and technological meanings of all this, but I'm learning that my problem is I don't know when to stop.

Solidarity! Fussy, we're with you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog now has at least one reader. I like it. Can't comment coherently now, but I'll be back to say more later -- the post on links made me think a lot.

1:01 AM


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