Monday, November 27, 2006

Google Analytics Lies

Google Analytics says this blog has zero visitors, zero pageviews, zero, zip, nada. I think Analytics is unsure this blog even exists.

Well, Google Analytics, this blog has a comment. Actually, two comments. So how can it have no visitors?

First click fraud, now this. Clearly the internet is built on a foundation of sand.


Anonymous kalen said...

this entry made me laugh. probably harder than most people would/did. but i think your sense of humor was so in tune to mine on this one that i can definitely assure you i'll be back to read more. :)

first time reader/commenter - found my way here through the randomizer.

12:10 AM

Blogger Fringes said...

Randomizer visitor here who also uses Google Analytics. Try the help feature so you can get it installed correctly. I haven't had a day's trouble with it and I am no techno-geek. If I can get it right, anybody can. Good luck!

12:44 PM


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