Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, Shut My Mouth

One nice thing about commenters -- beyond providing visible proof that Google Analytics Liar lies about zero visitors -- is that they get you to reconsider obvious stuff you never thought of. Like, maybe you have Google Analyzing Liar installed wrong. "Ha!" I thought as I read this. "I installed it right at the start and it worked then, didn't it? I even did a whole post about this blog's feeble traffic, didn't I? Read the blog before you comment, smartguy, I'm so smart I even changed my template a few weeks . . . "

Hmm . . . .

Yup, when I changed the template I wiped out the Google Analytics "Receiving Data Not" code. This might have occurred to me, since I did notice the change wiped out my link to Fussy (hi Mrs. Kennedy!) but nooo.

So, thanks, Fringes, whoever you are, and check this space for reports of several visitors, some of them possibly (well, theoretically) recurring.


Blogger feather said...

I discovered your blog on the day that the honorable Mrs K's post was mislaid, and have been reading ever since. I haven't worked myself up to leaving comments because my own blog has grown dull and shameful as the month drags on, but I wanted to pipe up at this and say you have one regular visitor in addition to the other two. Google lies!

So. Hi. I like your blog; I think it is my favourite of the ones I've found in my (admittedly feeble) explorations into the list of other Nablopomers.

9:39 AM


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