Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do No Harm

I don't enjoy Christmas, so I guess blogger form calls for a cleansing screed.  (Of course, I'd like a _real_ Christmas, an echo of the Echo of the Big Bang, but that isn't what Wal-Mart et al have in mind, is it?)  But railing against the world's stupidities still calls the world stupid and yourself against it, the world with the stupidities, even when railing on the pretense of Defending All That's Good and True.  I'll pass. 

Yes, yes, celebrating in my own way would be a lot more positive.  I'm too busy.  Maybe next year.  This year, it's the season of the clenched jaw, and minimized damage to everyone else's fun, and trying to push the important stuff forward amid the distractions.

Next year might be better.


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