Thursday, December 07, 2006

I suddenly seem to be Mr. Religion Comment. James and Proverbs in comments here, bugging Ms. Kennedy in her comments, sending rejoinders via email. WTF?

I'm way too far behind in my reading to be a religion blogger. I believe Christians need to adjust to crises caused by World War I and the Holocaust. I'm not sure Christianity ever really adapted when it lost its ability to dictate cosmology and biology.

(No, I'm not saying the Church is wrong about sexual ethics or spiritual authority or pipe organs as Church music. Sorry.)

But I honestly can't say what Christians have said about any of this. These are obvious problems and I'm sure someone has written about them at length. I only read the Bible two or three years ago, so no, I'm not qualified.

Faith crops up here because it's part of how I live. I fence with nice people like Ms. Kennedy probably because I'm ornery. Faith might be the least understood thing in America today -- people say things about it that just make no sense and I can't help myself.

But I'm not interested in endlessly working out my own ignorant opinions in "public" or taking on the controversialist role. It just brings out the worst in me, and it isn't going anywhere useful to anybody. I'm looking for new approaches, and I'm not repeating my bad habits here.

Except, of coursea, when I do.


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