Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Questions, One Answer

Hello my internet friends! Whew, did I need a rest. Not that I've used the time for any of that redrafting we've discussed earlier.

I know all the NaBloPoMo world awaits prize announcements, and I guess the award of badges, with bated breath. No such problems here, where we're short two posts -- one on purpose, one because we screwed up our own address -- and know we're getting squat. I could appeal to the Chair for a distasterisk, but I think Eden has better things to do with her time than adjudicate this stuff.

Deleting that 8 November post was surprisingly hard. Hardly anyone reads this thing, I don't care about prizes, it wasn't that good a post in the first place -- and I didn't so much delete it as move it to another date. But I thought it was kind of a clever thing, and knew that a lot of people were really worked up about the must-post-daily thing. I thought it might get some attention, and wondered if this was the sort of attention I wanted. Blogs seem to be about an evolved identity in community with other bloggers, and your first big splash shows the blogosphere what you're about and invites some people in and drives others off, and was I going to attract the kind of people I would want to over the long term? But if the whole thing is about spontaneous development, what point is there in trying to choose your big moment?

All these interesting questions were postponed by the question of whether this blog is ever to have a big moment of any kind, to which the answer so far is (at best), "not yet."

Which also seems the answer to "will Impelled ever abandon explication for narrative?"


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