Monday, December 25, 2006


Okay, I think we're through the worst of that.  Presents, dinner, family -- all more than I can take, but I think we're on the other side and we can start working on making next year's a little better.
Finally figured out how to get some miles in here, despite the 32 degree weather.  Punched out three miles, and some calisthenics, and feel a lot better for it.  Exercise focuses the mind.  Also, I've been playing a lot of blitz chess on line -- not normally my thing but I can't count on a longer chunk of time.  I'm sort of holding my own, but this afternoon I noticed I wasn't playing so much to learn but to pass the time, and my play often reflected that.  The exercise notwithstanding, I'm still a ways away from taking control of myself enough to be productive.


Anonymous kalen said...

glad you made it out alive :) me too!

10:41 PM


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