Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yeah -- Mormon, Go Home

Seen this? Look, New York is a tough place for everyone. There are a lot of people sharing limited space, and more gets done if we're all efficient. Be quick, be light, pick your times, etc. We're organized and we expect our neighbors to be. In tight spaces it's just common courtesy. Tourists, of course, don't know this yet, and we actually do understand.

But we don't need the attitude.

It's not our fault that you need three suitcases for a weekend trip, or are are changing hotels over the weekend, or trying this during the cab changeover. Nor is some over-worked cabbie required to take a crummy crosstown fare at the height of shopping hour because you can't read a bus map (available at any subway kiosk; I think you're looking for the M50). Yes, there is a law, intended to ensure transportation for poor people living in lousy neighborhoods, not middle income people in the middle of badly planned vacations. Don't abuse it.

We all make mistakes, but most of us fix our own and apologize for any trouble we've caused. You and your Clampetts act are in the way and it's irritating. We'll deal, but try not to step on more toes than is absolutely necessary. You want to write about your cross-town Iditarod? Write about how you made a complete hash of a one mile trip and, in the process, carelessly inconvenienced several hundred people to one degree or another, and self-righteously chased some working stiff out of an hour's wages.

We just live here. You are whatever you were when you stepped off the plane. Don't blame us for whatever the city reveals that to be.


Blogger feather said...

I started out reading that post with rolled eyes and a shrug, but by the time I got to the end of it I was seriously considering writing, for the first time in my life, an email that would probably be construed as "hate mail." I can't decide what's more offensive: her display selfishness and immaturity, or the fact that she considers it a humorous, much less appropriate, story for her website. The thought of how many people she inconvenienced by her temper tantrum is appalling, but what's even worse to me is the air of self-righteousness and entitlement that hangs about the post. She was a terrible traveler, but in that post she seems unable to recognize this, much less take responsibility for it.

She perfectly fits the profile of what the Europeans think of as Ugly Americans. People who cannot let go of their rigid expectations and mold themselves to fit into new environments and cultures shouldn't travel at all.

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